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i-arts universe

Let's enjoy music together!!

Music brings up people to power of imagination and creation, and the power will be for their life.
It will be various power what is useful for human life, so I hope more people feel it with music.


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i-arts universe: 

individuality 個性あふれる音楽
innocent feeling 純粋な心から生まれる感性豊かな音楽
international vision 世界に目を向けて

Policy :Each person has each personality,and the personality makes nice music.
i-arts universe respect each individuality, and educate which allows it to express itself.

Objective: Everybody has different objective,but most important one is enjoy with music by own performance.
i-arts university supports to learning piano with pleasure,and it'll be lead to enjoy the life.



Each lesson is all private and it'll be for 30min. ,45min. and 60min.
The lesson is not only performance, but it's also solfege (rhythm, sound detection and singing...etc.)
The music genre are classical music, pop, rock and jazz.


i-ats universe concert avtivities are not only students' concert ,but the other activities ( ex. story telling with music, family performance...etc.)also important to learn music with various kinds of situations.
And listening to the live music is very important to learn many things as own performance.
I hope that people learn "Music is supported by each other, listener and performer " and " it's same as life" by their activities.


  • Leeson time is basically 30 minute per person. (It depends on person's level.)

  • Lessons details are piano performance and solfege.

  • The age is from 4 years old to adults.

  • The other, music activity (rhythmic) class is for children of 4 years or under as well.

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i-arts universe's students are coming from various kinds of countries (Canada, Czech, Germany ,India, Indnesia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, UK, Polnad...and more).
The i-arts universe's music comes into harmony with the enviroment.

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